Dublin Roofer Charged With Careless Driving

Court 8, Judge Cregan
Central Criminal Court


On the 26th of August 2014, Conor Keating was charged with careless driving by Garda Fahy, who is based in Ballymun.

At around 1am, the accused ran a red light at the junction of the Ballymun Road and Northwood. In doing so, he also collided with the squad car in which Mr.Fahy was driving. Mr.Keating has 16 previous charges, the last of which occurred in 2010 in Portlaoise for misuse of drugs, section 15. His only road traffic office occurred in September 2006, where he was charged with dangerous driving.

Mr.Keating’s barrister defended his client by stating that he was a good man. He was a roofer by trade, but an injury had ruled him out of work for the past year which made it difficult for him to support his family, which includes two young children. This was his first serious offence, and the barrister pleaded that the judge be lenient as the accused didn’t need to have his license taken off him as it was only the first offence. Mr.Keating was very co-operative, and admits that he is guilty of the charge but it was not intentional, it was caused by misjudgement on his part and he is deeply remorseful for the accident that could have occurred as a result of his negligent driving.

Judge Cregan decided that it’d be unfair to take Mr.Keating’s license, but did recommend that he possibly gets an eye test. Mr.Keating was issued with a €400 fine, which he has two years to pay off in full.


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