First blog post

So, I suppose I should start off with a little introduction.

I’m Ailbhe, but I’m commonly known as Ally. I’ve been writing for fun since I was a kid, and my love of creative writing grew into a love for telling news.

While I am predominantly an arts writer, I enjoy writing about the legal and political side of things. For the general election in 2016, I worked alongside Newstalk in the digital media sector which was a very enjoyable experience. I worked in the Fingal constituency counting centre with Teena Gates, who would have been an idol of mine. It taught me lots about being accurate, being attentive and adhering to strict deadlines.

I began my journalistic studies in Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock, where I attained a distinction in a higher national diploma. I discovered my interest for court reporting while I was there, and attended nearly the entirety of Graham Dwyer’s case which was truly enthralling. A report from this case will feature on the blog.

Aside from all the serious newsy business, I am a keen musician, an avid gig goer and voracious reader. Currently on the penultimate book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and unsure as to where I will journey next on my literary adventures.

I hope you learn something from this blog at the very least!


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